Top 10 Best Yandere Girls In Anime!

Here it is, my Top 10 Yandere girls list! A Yandere is someone who acts cute and innocent on the outside but they usually have a different side to them and will do anything to secure their lover… Even if that means acting violently.

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  1. to be honest yuno seriously freaks me out but i have to say she’s the best yandere there is .and despite what she did she’ll always be my fave

  2. Yuno is what everybody believes to be the definition of a yundere but one I personally wouldn’t mind obsessing over me

  3. number 1 on list….I guessed it.. Cuz she killed her present self to be with Yuki after he died in the future. And she killed a little kid for him to win!!! Noone does that unless there freaking yandere

  4. Have too correct you but rena isn’t yandere she’s yangire why do I Always have too correct people on this! Otherwise a great list

  5. WTF?! How many times I need to say it!!! Rena is NOT a yandere is a YANGIRE from higurashi Shion is yandere…FUCK

  6. It’s not Yuno who updates her diary, its the universe. But she DID stalk Yukkii before she got her diary ‘updated’ so that’s why she has the Yukiteru Diary. Every future diary updates every 10 minutes.

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