Top 10 BEST War Movies, Part 4 [Re-Uploaded] Original air date 2012 Disowned by original creator.

These are not my videos i am simply re-uploading these somewhat informative videos about war films.
In this case the best.
These videos were once up on this channel owned by Michael akkerman here’s the link:
Please check him out if you want too

Re-Uploading Some Archived Videos i had sitting on my hard drive that for most aren’t on YouTube anymore so for those of you who missed them here they are. Enjoy.
If you have any great missing youtube videos give them to me i’ll upload them.
Also please check out the review of Fury by Michael Akkerman:


  1. Why do you keep saying “Regiment”? that’s his unit sure but every regiment consists 3 battalions which also consists of 3 infantry companies and a weapons company.

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