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  1. favorite podcasts
    -Cox and Crendor in the morning
    -sleepy cabin
    -official podcast

    if you listen to these and know of any podcast similar to these plz tell me

  2. Watchmojo should make a list of “Top 10 Times Watchmojo Fucked Up”

    JRE should of been #1

    Sometimes I think they just look at top 10’s lists on the web and just make a video about it for fucking revenue.

    Watchmojo is losing its fuckin mojo!!!!

  3. I wish Cosby raped her, then would she be talking forgiveness probably NOT! BILL COSBY IS A DIRTY RAPIST AND SHOULD ROT IN JAIL FOR LIFE THE END.

  4. Your list sucks. Any podcast app by default already list these as top podcast. So it’s pretty stupid, and pointless that you even made this list because people come to these list to learn about good podcast that are likely non-mainstream.

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