Top 10 Best Little Mix Songs

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Shout Out to My Ex, Love Me Like You, DNA, Touch, Hair, Salute, Secret Love Song, Move, Wings and Black Magic are some of Little Mix’s best songs! In this countdown we take a look at the top 10 songs that this successful British girl group has released. They’ve certainly come a long way from The X Factor!

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  2. In my opinion
    1. Wings (This made them popular in Asia. There’s a Korean and a Japanese version. Plus, they’re vocals here are flawless and diverse and this concept was fun and unique in the west)
    2. These Four Walls (Fantastic emotion without sacrificing technique)
    3. Lightning (Fantastic blend of hip-hop and ethnic elements and dark mood)
    4. Salute (this song is one of my favorites of all time because it’s incredibly epic)
    5. Little Me (a nice foundation for the group’s direction)
    6. Love Me Like You (One of the best modern throwback style songs ever. Some great falsetto too)
    7. Beep Beep (who else can pull of a 100% innuendo, 50s style, feel good song about traffic?)
    8. Move/Black Magic – always have the best lives and dancing
    9. DNA (LM dark themes slay. Leigh’s vocals here are possibly her best yet and the story of the album was just great)
    10. Secret Love Song (vocals and story and great)

    Other greats: You Gotta Not (a different take on female empowerment), Your Love and Boy (vocals and composition are really fun), No More Sad Songs and Touch (more Americanized songs yet still sound unique to LM)

  3. Thus list is TRASH .. little me is no doubt their best song, didn’t even get an honorable mention! And shout out to my ex is so lame, doesn’t deserve the 2nd spot, plus lightning and good enough should’ve also been on the list. smh should’ve just called the video the best charting little mix songs instead

  4. Recently, I’ve been loving they don’t know you so much. Just the whole Salute Album in general. And nothing beats lightning and down and dirty. But the one song that turn me into a mixer is little me.

  5. To anyone new in Little Mix’s music, just go into their Spotify and check their albums, not just these singles. You won’t regret.

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