Top 10 Best iOS MOBA Games | iPhone & iPad Battle Arena

Showcasing our list of the best FREE MOBA Games on the iOS App Store. These are the top-rated free battle arena games currently available for your iPhones, iPads, and iTouch. You may get these games by clicking the links below.

Battle Bay
Call of Champions
Clash Royale
Fates Forever
Heroes of Order & Chaos
Planet of Heroes
Only One
Star Wars: Force Arena
Titan Brawl

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  1. Another stupid fanboy VG tard doing videos about top Ten… This tards fanglorytards….. So cancerous and so JEALOUS that ML IS played by more players around the world that VG. HAHaHaHa. ML IS the best moba in mobile devices and the most played. Cry me a River vainglory lol xD and this stupid whatoplay saying cr IS moba….loool haha poor tard loser…

  2. When I clicked the link on fates forever is opens at the app store but is says it isn’t available for the us store, actually played the game 2 years ago but uninstalled it cuz we had shitty wifi, but when i tried to find it at the AppStore but it was gone pls help really want to play it again if available

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