Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2017

Tom Vasel, Zee Garcia, and Sam Healey list their Top 10 games that they are most looking forward to in the upcoming year!!

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  1. I have been working on my game for 2 years and it’s finally in a playable version, we’ve play tested a lot to rule out most of the bugs. But I now need a really good artist to finalise the art in the game, and help design the board/tiles. If you are watching this video chances are you like TTG just like me. If you are keen to help please PM me.
    I’m not a company, I’m just a guy, and have had help from friends and some basic art from guys on Fiverr, but as I’m really keen to make a KS project and get this made into a real game not just my poorly constructed cereal box cardboard and example artwork. I also would like to film a short video with some decent effects into’ing the game, the store and the lore behind it all.

    if the guys from TDT are by some miracle reading this comment I would absolutely love your help/feedback etc.
    I don’t want to make money from this, I want to make my game and see it been a real thing in shop played by people world wide!.

    Thanks guys

  2. how could you possibly be so excited about assault of the Giants butt Trash Cthulhu Wars. Both games have huge miniatures which you trash Cthulhu Wars for yet you praise assault of the Giants for.

  3. It would be really interesting to do a follow up at the end of the year with either (A) didn’t come out, (B) lived up to expectations or (C) failed. I’m new to Dice Tower videos but have been watching a lot of them lately. Very funny and informative stuff. Thank you, Tom, Zee and Sam. Good stuff.

  4. Am I the only one bewildered by this whole “Zee doesn’t have much Publisher variety on his list” stuff?? His list has 8 different publishers on it, which means only two of them have any repeats (one each)! What the heck are they all talking about?

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