Top 10 Anthology Horror Films

It’s time to look over some unforgettable collections of savagery and satire. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Anthology Horror Movies. Subscribe►►
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For this list, we’re focusing specifically on horror anthologies consisting of numerous short stories in one feature film, which means that horror flicks with only one central narrative didn’t make the cut.

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  1. Nightmares
    Deadtime Stories
    The Uncanny
    Tales Of Terror
    Snoop Dogg’s Hood Of Horror
    From A Whisper To A Scream
    A Christmas Horror Story
    Little Slices Of Death
    Quicksilver Highway
    Terror Tract

  2. I love Campfire Tales. It’s one of my favorites. It’s a shame it didn’t make the final list. But I agree Creepshow should be number 1.

  3. Anthology Movies (not just horror, but every kind such as The Meaning of Life, Heavy Metal and Tale of Tales) are glorious and for our hapiness it’s returning with full power. I miss ABC’s of Death and From Beyond the Grave (just to start) at least in honorable mentions.

  4. which Creepshow do y’all think is the best one or two? It’s so hard to decide, they both have some great stories.

  5. “From a Whisper to a Scream” aka “The Offspring” is a great horror anthology film that’s very overlooked.

  6. My favorites are:-

    1. Creepshow

    2. The twilight zone the movie

    3. Tales from the darkside the movie

    4. Dead night

    5. Asylum

    6. V/h/s

    7. Black sabbath

    8. Tales from the crypt

    9. Tales from the hood

    10. Three extremes

    11. Campfire tales

    12. Trick or treat

    13. Trilogy of terror

    14. Body bags

  7. I think Body Bags definitely deserved to be in the top 10! Good list, though. I have Creepshow on bluray, love that movie.

  8. I loved VHS 2. Probably one of the few horror sequels I would say with 100% confidence was better the original. Felt bad for the little dog at the end though.

  9. Here’s another interesting thing about Tales From the Darkside: The Movie; It’s actually a film spinoff of the TV series of the same name but the series was a spinoff of the film Creepshow. So basically, Tales From the Darkside: The Movie is the real Creepshow 3.

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