Top 10 Anime You Have Never Seen? A Challenge!!!

Here is a new Top 10 Best Anime You Have Never Seen Before? I challenge you to know these underrated, unpopular, non-mainstream anime list.


  1. well ive watch the top five in the list, blassreiter is in my to-watch and the others have an old anime style so i dont watch it

  2. Only one show I watched is Michiko to Hatchin from Toonami. I regret watching it b/c it’s really not that interesting. Anime Browser you should put No. 6 for part 2.

  3. +Anime Browser I seen all these like long time ago about i say 8 months ago i only stop them each halfway cause to me I couldnt get into it.

  4. I’ve actually seen Akuma no Riddle a little bit yuri is in there and I just say Beequeen
    Ga-Rei:Zero & 11 eyes just the First episode

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