Top 10 80’s Cartoons ready for a live action movie | PART 2

Hey guys! And welcome to video # 2 if you haven’t already check out video #1! Leave a comment down below on which 80s cartoon you’d like to see most as a live action movie out of all 10 of my picks or– if I haven’t mentioned it–leave a comment!

Thank you guys so much for watching! Stay Legendary! xx


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  1. Agree on:
    1. Thundercats
    2. He-man
    3. She-ra
    4. Mask
    I also would love to se a Starzinger remake
    and a reboot of Transformers that would be more true to the G1-G2 cartoons

  2. I Like to see 80s Cartoons in a Live Action Movies Like Voltron, He-Man, She-Ra, Thundercats & Dragon Ball Z it’s going to be AWESOME!!

  3. we will Love to see New 80s Cartoons Live Action Movies Like
    5.Dragon Ball Z

  4. Love the list. Do you have an anime you like to see turn into live action. Me, personally, think Tenchi would make a great live action TV show and I just watched this anime called Clockwork Planet that would look amazing as a live action movie

  5. I really love to Samurai Pizza Cats. I wonder if they’ve got Thundercats lined up for it though if we’re going sci-fi I would pick silverhawks over Thundercats. I also kind of hard to find the first video on this phone but I’m going to click around see if I can find it

  6. Here’s My 80’s List Cartoons For A Motion Picture Movies

    1 The Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers
    2 Centurions
    3 Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors
    4 Spiral Zone
    5 Inhumanoids

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