Thoughts on Buying a Zero Turn Mower for Lawn Business or Personal

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Buying a zero turn mower can be great but it can be difficult to decide which brand mower. This video gives some insight to help you in making a decision on which mower to buy for a homeowner or lawn business owner.

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  1. Jason what do you think about a commercial reel mower from a golf course?  Cause they’re only like 2,000 used and they seem pretty nice.  Also they’re diesel and cut about 70 inches on each pass.   Will they mow a basic yard or field??

  2. great tips and great videos!! where do you usually get your used zero turn lawn mowers ?I been wanting to get a commercial one for a while thanks in advance you can p.m. me if you like thanks again.

  3. I like Kubota ZD series mowers
    BUT they are commercial grade and expensive… Also BUT they are durable.
    Bottom line… unless you have acres and acres to cut, you don’t need a zero turn.

  4. FERRIS!!! you can start with a 700. I started with a 1500 zx and build a relationship with a company and work your way up

  5. Hi. Thanks for the video. It brought a lot of thought into my upcoming purchase. I have 18 acres of which 5 is cut. It is rough terrain, and very long. I use a billygoat to knock it down to manageable levels, but our mower broke and I can’t maintain it well with just the bush hogger, so I am shopping around for a zero turn rider. I am thinking the property needs a commercial mower to handle it, residential mowers seem to be not quite enough and can’t take the beating. I found a 2014 Gravely ZT XL for $2,600 bucks, it has 136 hours on it and looks to be in good shape, and comes with spare blades. However Home Depot has a brand new Z-Beast 54 inch for $3K. $3K is my spending limit. So I am torn between the two. I can’t find much online about z-beast. So i am leaning to the Gravely. Thought I’d seek out your opinion between the two.

  6. I think your way better off buying a brand new resi zero turn. For example you can pick up a mower like the raptor sd or bobcat crz for around 4grand. You know exactly what your getting and your getting a warranty. Machine will easily last you 1000 hrs. I’ll never buy anything used again.

  7. Watching this Video because I’m going through this Situation right now.. I have a Scag Patriot (52 in with Kawasaki) coming ($7K) & until that gets to Me the Company Loaned Me a Gravely Pro Turn 148 which I like.. The Owner made Me an Offer to Buy the Gravely (48 in with Kawasaki) for $3K less,BUT it has 190 Hrs on it.. Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated.. Reallu Liking Your Channel,Keep Up the Great Work.

  8. Hey Jason, I’ve stumbled across your channel while doing some research on lawn care. I’ve had my mind set on lawn care for a while now, and this is my first season I’d call successful. Probably because I have the equipment now. I have a 15.5HP Kholer Command on a Craftsman 42″ cut. I DO plan on wearing it completely out before getting my next mower. I’m hoping to get a Ferris or a Husqvarna (my fav brand). I have my own chainsaws, hedge clippers and pruning sheers, as well as a 225 weedeater and a Husqvarna push mower. What else can you think of that I should invest in right off the bat? And how would you rate a Ferris zero turn on a scale of 1-10?

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