The Top 10 Summer Movies of 2017

This week on the Top 10 Show, John Rocha (@therochasays) and Matt Knost (@mattknost) count down their Top 10 Summer Movies of 2017. As the Summer comes to a close, John and Matt look back on the films they were most impressed by. As always, thanks for listening and please like us on Facebook and leave a comment and rating on iTunes.

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  1. The Big Sick is a classic for me. Thats my number one for sure followed by Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Need to watch Baby Driver ASAP.

  2. Atomic Blonde? I was bored almost to tears. Some great choreography and a cool visual palette, but pretentious and dull

  3. wish i’d got to see the big sick but it was only at my local world of cine for a couple of days.
    My 10
    #1 Dunkirk
    #2 Baby Driver
    #3 Wonder Woman
    #4 Valerian
    #5 Captain Underpants
    #6 Girls Trip
    #7 Detroit
    #8 Logan Lucky
    #9 Spiderman Homecoming
    #10 War for the Planet of the Apes

  4. Of the movies I saw this Summer:

    1. Wonder Woman
    2. Dunkirk
    3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
    4. Spiderman Homecoming
    5. Dark Tower
    6. The Mummy

    I need to get out to more movies.

  5. Depriving the viewer of the backstory to these characters is a very specific choice and not a result of lazy writing or Nolan putting all his effort on spectacle and undermining character(Nolan even goes out of his way to deliberately use a number of dark-haired actors who look very similar to further remove individual distinctions and present the soldiers in the form of a collective whole). I say this because”empathy for the unfamiliar person’ is a huge theme in the film. This is underlined when the British civilians (including Rylance) start arriving in big numbers on their boats to help the soldiers. These civilians don’t personally know these soldiers, but they are still risking their lives to help them out. Another moment in the film when this particular element gets explored is the moment where British soldiers stuck in the flooded boat turn on the guy who is revealed to be a French soldier and the question of having empathy for someone you don’t share your roots with and know nothing about becomes relevant again.
    Nolan wants the viewer to feel empathetic towards the characters because of the hopeless situation itself and not their backstory. According to him, the situations that they find themselves in should be enough, just like it was enough for the British civilians who came to their aid. “Dunkirk’ celebrates and champions “unreasonable empathy(recall the ferry scene in The Dark Knight’). I cared about the soldiers. I didn’t need to know too much about them. Their silence and their reactions were enough for me.
    I can juxtapose this storytelling approach with a film like ‘Rogue One’ where Gareth Edwards wants you to care about the characters and understand them. A number of scenes are played out for emotional impact and we get backstories about a few of them too. But I couldn’t care less about them because of the lack of personality imparted to these characters by the actors and the director.

    P.S. – Nolan has spent all his life in England and has a British father.

  6. Finally 2 people who aren’t as obsessed with Dunkirk as everyone else. It’s a fine movie but completely overrated. Love this show guys!

  7. I’m with Knost here regarding Skirmish Of The Planet Of The Apes. It was solid but kinda underwhelming to me. The Big Sick, Wind River, Baby Driver & Dunkirk I found to be my favourites of the year so far.

  8. Someone please explain why Wonder Woman is so adored, its a fine serviceable film to me. I am not attacking anyone’s opinion, I would just like to know what I’m apparently missing. Just feels like a female version of The First Avenger (I’m already flinching after saying that)

  9. I have to disagree with Rocha on this one. I thought Gal did a great job in Batman V Superman with the little amount of time it has. Grows up her mystery and who she is

  10. Charlize Theron is one of the best actresses plus athlete. I would love to see her in any of the superhero movies. Plus I hope she gets more chances as a badass actresses that she is in and I hope there is more interesting plots

  11. Although I need to rewatch Atomic Blonde again. I just hoped there was more of Dalton/Craig James Bond storylines

  12. Why do people hate Dunkirk? This movie is all about what happened at Dunkirk. What the event was all about. All about the war and tension of the situation.
    Hans Zimmer did good with the score but could have been better

  13. 1. Wonder Woman
    2. Dunkirk
    3. Baby Driver
    4. War For the Planet of the Apes
    5. Spiderman Homecoming
    6. Logan Lucky
    7. Big Sick
    8. Guardians 2
    9. Detroit
    10. Atomic Blonde ( I really wished this movie more about espionage than just great actions )
    Do have to watch Wind River

  14. WW is the movie of the summer. The origin of Diana, the rise of the warrior, and the birth of the Godkiller. There is more depth to this adventure than most people tend to ignore. Its nothing about female leads or beautiful women. Its a great superhero movie. Plus I hope Rupert Gregson-Williams get nominated for that score at the Oscars

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