The Top 10 Best Steely Dan Songs (RIP Walter Becker)

Another video about non-electronic music, I know. But I feel this one really needed to happen, given the recent passing of one half of one of my favorite non-electronic bands of all time. (No commentary here, just a ranking.)

More countdowns:


  1. 1. This video hasn’t even been up for 24 hours as of posting this and it’s already my most popular video holy crap
    2. If your favorite Steely Dan song didn’t appear on this list reminder that these guys had way too many good tracks to pick from and it is all just opinion (I do still love Peg, Kid Charlemagne, Green Earrings, Midnite Cruiser, etc etc etc)

  2. sadly we will see more of our heroes leave this earth…most of them are in their senior years….last year took a lot of them….we are all going forth to our tomb….

  3. Wonderful, heartfelt tribute. Listening to HM’s and then through the top ten I knew you really “got” the Dan when there was nothing left but “My Old School” for #1. Thank you for bringing a tear to my eye Mr. W

  4. Glad to see that a person your age is a fan, but your Top Ten sucks! No Kid Charlemagne? No Bad Sneakers? No Don’t Take Me Alive?

  5. How TF do you pick only ten? That’s about one album’s worth. Admittedly you’d only pick one or two from Can’t Buy a Thrill, but that was still a heck of a debut album.

  6. I told a friend that Walter Becker had died and I was feeling a little sad about that. She said she never heard anything much by them – meaning, I would guess, just ‘Do It Again’ and ‘Reelin’ In The Years’. She certainly didn’t know the name and she ain’t young. She asked what I’d recommend hearing. The sensible answer would have been at least be the first seven albums and ‘The Nightfly’. I felt nothing much about Bowie’s passing although the whole nation (UK) were involved in a grief-fest. I think that’s because, although they were immensely popular, Steely were never media hyped like a series of other artists and bands.They let the music do the talking.
    Another friend referred to their music as “adult music”. Exactly so. Who else could create such a wide variety of distinctly different music? Led Zeppelin, the Beatles? Not like Steely Dan could. What other band were so perceptive and incisive in writing about the human condition? What other band had the depth and complexity of instrumentation? And, who has heard a Dan track used in a commercial? Unique and, I would imagine, eternal music.

  7. People who posted Reeling in the Years after Walter Becker’s passing were the same kind of people who posted The Earth Song after MJ’s.

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