The Top 10 American War Films – The Top 10 Show

John Rocha and Matt Knost return with another episode of ‘The Top 10 Show’ here on Collider Video! On this episode, John and Matt break down the Top 10 best American War Films in celebration of the release of ‘Birth of a Nation.’

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  1. Can you guys just make a channel with all Top 10’s?!!! I’d definitely watch all of the categories! Love you guys and idk why they got rid of this? John and Matt!!! Can you guys please do that? I am constantly watching all of these on a binge! And I’m addicted!!! I need more!!!

  2. Rocha and Knost are the duuuuuuuuudes! Hope one of you guys include “Fury”. God I love that film. Love the show you guys are great thanks so much!

  3. Love the show ,i wonder if you guys would ever do top 10 best musical scores or even best scores that fit a film perfectly,if a good example in current movies comes up!Some thing a little different.i also know you guys will have different opinions on this.

  4. While I love both of your lists, I would have included Paths of Glory, the WWI epic by Stanley Kubrick starring Kirk Douglas. One of the best war, and anti-war, films ever made.

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