The Horror Movies That Will Blow You Away This October

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You might already be planning to go trick or treating or bingeing the new season of Stranger Things this Halloween, but there will also be a few freaky horror flicks worth checking out around All Hallows’ Eve. From the return of a few major franchises to creative genre-busters and intriguing indie scare-fests, here are all the new horror films that will blow you away this Halloween…

Cult of Chucky | 0:18
Better Watch Out | 0:58
Happy Death Day | 1:21
Leatherface | 1:45
The Snowman | 2:28
Jigsaw | 2:55

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  1. Next time you use a thumbnail, you should probably at least mention the movie it came from. Playing with Dolls was an absolute shitfest by the way. I feel bad for Alex Wood that made the mask as it was one of the only good things in the film.

  2. Saw 8 and Happy Death Day actually look decent. I’ve been a big Saw fan for a long time and I am really excited for this

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