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Here are “The 15 Best 9mm Handguns in Today’s Market.” The article is at – I quickly move through this review of 15 pistols in under 10 minutes. These are not exotic guns but 9mm handguns you can get from your local gun store. Leave a comment below if you agree or disagree with my choices.
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  1. 15: 0:34 Ruger American
    14: 1:04 S&W M&P 9C
    13: 1:40 Springfield XD9
    12: 2:14 Beretta M9
    11: 2:53 Browning Hi Power
    10: 3:27 FNS 9C
    09: 4:00 Lionheart LH9
    08: 4:37 Grand Power X-Calibur
    07: 5:08 Kahr CW9
    06: 5:46 Glock 19
    05: 6:22 CZ 75
    04: 6:59 HK P30SK V1
    03: 7:32 Magum Research Baby Desert Eagle III
    02: 8:10 Walther PPQ M2
    01: 8:48 Sig Sauer P226 Elite

  2. I love the Ruger SR9C. I usually pocket carry, but its compact size makes it excellent for IWB carry in either the appendix or 4 o’clock carry. It holds 10 + 1 with the short magazine or 17 + 1 with the long magazine. Comes with one 10 round and one 17 round magazines.

  3. I love my Cz p07 duty! It’s a later gen 1 model with the “B” prefix in the serial number so all of the bugs from the early batches aren’t on mine. Great video! I just subscribed!

  4. Although I may not agree with your choices as compared to mine, I found your video to be fair and balanced…each firearm has it good points and not so good points…You did a nice job on your presentation…Thank you!

  5. You got the #1 gun right but wrong model. I have a Sig p226 legion SAO and it is by far the greatest handgun I have have ever fired in my life. The quality that goes into these legions is just ridiculous. For the price, you can’t get a better handgun period.

  6. I have an FNS 9 and am not impressed with it. I bought it new and took it to the range. Over 300 rounds of shooting, it failed to load at least a dozen times. I tried changing the ammo and it improved but still failed occasionally. Needless to say, I took it home and haven’t fired it since.

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