Super Fun PS4 Games Episode 7

Update 10/10/16 I Need Your Help!

Today I talk about 8 more fun games that you can get for your PS4. Here is the Super Fun Games Playlist:
Top 10 Selling PS4 Games

My PS4 Collection


  1. Just watched this vid. I’m sorry but have to ask. Who was player one for battlefront? I found myself shouting at the screen ” AIM DOWN A BIT!”, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” And “JESUS!”. If it was your kid or something, again, i am sorry but “git good!”

  2. That Star Wars battlefront gameplay was literally like a 2 year old girl picked up the controller on her brothers PlayStation and started playing. It was so bad you missed every shot. Just shot into a random place in the sky. Every time you shot you overheated your gun and was just waiting for it to end so bad

  3. i am planing to buy ps4 and i want to know which one should i buy ps4 slim or ps4 original can you please solve my problem

    Great videos, great games, great reviews. You need to stop putting the same games to fill in or to waste time. I would have subscribed if it wasn’t for these repetitions.

  5. Ooo wow nice list love it I watched I don’t know it’s been 2 hours almost watched all of your vids love them and I am a new subscriber you awsome

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