SUMMONERS WAR : JewBagel’s TOP 10 MOST WANTED Light/Dark Nat 4’s

What are YOUR top 10 most wanted LD Nat 4 Summons?
Leave them in the comments below!


  1. Opens ld scroll
    Gets lyn-> meh… Fed her
    2 days later she gets buffed 🙁

    Opens ld scroll
    Gets light Ninja-> not so useful…
    Fed him to 6* some mon
    few days later ninja gets buffed.. T.T

    Lesson to learn
    Never feed ld mon if u dont have an extra one

  2. For the TL:DW

    10) Figaro (Light Joker) | 9) Hwadam (Light Taoist) | 8) Bethany (Dark Magical Archer) | 7) Amduat (Dark Horus) | Icares (Dark Slyphid) | Betta (Dark Mermaid) | Iris (Light Magic Knight) | Tablo (Light Dice Magician) | Fei (Dark Kung Fu Girl) | Frigate (Dark Pirate)

  3. Tbh i hate fei, she has never performed for me, (if and only IF she will ever get a buff, they sould increase her chance to ingnore from 25 to maybe 30 with skillups 40-45 ish), ill try her in rta after the next frr maybe she performes there, at least i can comb her with spd betta =)

  4. io jsut want an ld nat 4 and or galleon been playing since the game came out and spent a lot of money and not 1 ld nat 4 so ya f that

  5. hey sooo i just got back from a sumoners wart break all sumer i dint play and a bit befor that as well untill now… anything new in summoners war or Jews channel over that time?

  6. When I use my Fei, she is either my hero, or my nightmare. I run her, Bernard, Eludia, and sieq/Megan. When she crit ignores def, she can do about 27k a hit. When she doesn’t ignore, you want to cry, especially if she targets one monster and ignores every turn when you wanted spread hits.

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