Stephen A. Smith Says Dak Prescott Is Not A Top-10 NFL Quarterback | First Take | June 16, 2017

Stephen A. Smith disagrees with Ron Jaworski, and says Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott is not a top-10 NFL quarterback.

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  1. Let’s be honest. No one is out here saying that Dak sucks and he’ll never be a top 10 QB. That’s not what we’re arguing. We just have to see the guy actually play well several seasons and make it on his own. Stephen Smith is exactly right, everybody just needs to pump the god damn brakes in this conversation

  2. Smiff Smiff Smiff, Not again. Speculate all you want. But the current data sez Dak is one of the 5 best in the NFL. None of the other top QBs can run like he can. None can run the zone read. While it is a situational play it is a killer with Dak and Zeke together. Dak has intangibles. His mother lives on in him. He has grit. The guy is a stud. Period.

  3. Yeah they have film on him now, but they had film on him for the final 16 games of the season last year. He’s also had an entire offseason with the first team offense to prepare himself for this season. I agree with seeing what he does, but 4 of the other 5 rookie QBs with a passer rating over 100 won the Super Bowl the following year. Dan Marino didn’t.

  4. Stephen Smith is a fucking idiot and doesn’t know shit about anything, but he’s right. You can’t really say someone is a top 10 until they have at least 3 years in the league and I’m a cowboys fan.

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