My Top 10 Favorite GBA Games of All Time

If you hate my no. 1 spot,

Have a nice day 🙂


  1. Your top pick as a GBC game kind of undermines your list, but otherwise, you have a good mix of personal favourites and all time classics. Very nice list.

    One small gripe, you kept saying GameBoy “Advanced” instead of Advance. 😀

  2. I usually think kids top ten favorite games just are bullcrap beacuse most of them don’t explain why they like the game I’m happy this kid did it

  3. Look dude stop saying these guys who comments no.1 is nonsenxe your nonsense really i mean just put overrated link in a gb/gbc list this is a”GBA” List but you include a gb/gbc game on no.1 even though youve played it in a gba doesnt justify your mistake

  4. you should exclude links awakening its not even a gba game you just can play it on a gba and it doesnt deserve the no.1 spot

  5. Alright people you never played some of the best games

    Golden Sun (my personal favourite)
    Pokemon (all as mentioned)
    DBZ Buus Fury (awesome story telling)
    Fire Emblem 1 and 2
    Medabots (an awesome rpg based on an anime)

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