Kevin’s Top 10 Board Games of All Time

Kevin shares his Top Ten favorite board games!
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10 – Dominion
9 – Lords of Waterdeep
8 – Ticket to Ride (especially Europe)
7 – Imperial Settlers
6 – Power Grid
5 – Codenames
4 – TIME Stories
3 – Agricola
2 – Kingsburg
1 – Lewis and Clark


  1. My favorites and the top 10 I would recommend, especially to newer gamers –
    1 – King of Tokyo
    2 – Skull
    3 – Cash N Guns
    4 – Caverna
    5 – Spyfall
    6 – Dead of Winter
    7 – Captain Sonar
    8 – Pandemic
    9 – Sheriff of Nottingham
    10 – Dominion

  2. Mine (in no particular order)
    White Chapel Mystery
    Monopoly (fuck you its fun if people are actually good)
    Betrayal at House on the Hill (This one I like the most though)

  3. can someone recommend me a fun board game. i want a multiplayer one 2-6 players i guess? soemthing that needs strategy and fighting against each other also 60mins a game or more would be nice

  4. Y’all should just talk and edit with jump cuts because you are clearly reading a script and it makes the video awkward. What you are actually talking about is awesome but just turning the camera on and talking about the games then editing later will show your enthusiasm, which is absent in this video. Just a tip.

  5. So cool to find someone who lives in the same town as me doing great online video reviews!. The only gripe I have is your worker placement choice being Agricola. Have you tried Viticulture essential addition? The theme really comes through on this one. Anyways, hope to make it to a game night soon!

  6. Right now:
    New York: 1901
    Summoner Wars
    Ghost Stories
    Airlines Europe
    Ticket to Ride
    Shadows over Camolot
    Pandemic (standard & legacy)
    Steam Court

  7. Some great choices on your Top 10. Nice to find another SC channel! Keep up the great work and good luck on your current KS campaign!

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