Journey – Generations [Full Album]

“Generations” is the twelfth studio album (fourteenth overall) by the American rock band Journey. It was the band’s second full studio album with lead singer Steve Augeri and drummer Deen Castronovo, confirming the line-up of 2001’s “Arrival” and 2002’s “Red 13” EP.

The album was given away for free by the band during most of the concerts of the Generations Tour in 2005, and subsequently released on Sanctuary Records later the same year.
This was the first Journey album where all of the band members share the lead vocalist duties. Jonathan Cain sings lead on “Every Generation” and “Pride of the Family”, the first time he sang lead since “All That Really Matters” (a song originally left off “Frontiers”) from the “Time3” box set. Deen Castronovo sings lead on “A Better Life” and “Never Too Late”. Neal Schon provides lead vocals for “In Self-Defense” (previously recorded for the Schon & Hammer album “Here To Stay”) and Ross Valory lends his vocals to “Gone Crazy”.

Peaking only at #170 on the Billboard 200 album chart, “Generations” was the last album to feature Augeri, who left the band mid-tour in 2006 due to a throat infection. Jeff Scott Soto replaced him and toured with the band until June 2007. It was also the only Journey album released by the now-defunct Sanctuary Records.


Steve Augeri — Lead vocals (unless otherwise noted), additional guitar on “Butterfly (She Flies Alone)” and “Believe”
Neal Schon — Guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on “In Self-Defense”
Jonathan Cain — Keyboards, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Every Generation” and additional rhythm guitar on “Never Too Late”
Ross Valory — Bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Gone Crazy”
Deen Castronovo — Drums, percussion, backing vocals, lead vocals on “A Better Life” and “Never Too Late”

Track listing:

01. Faith in the Heartland
02. The Place In Your Heart
03. A Better Life
04. Every Generation
05. Butterfly (She Flies Alone)
06. Believe
07. Knowing That You Love Me
08. Out Of Harms Way
09. In Self-Defense
10. Better Together
11. Gone Crazy
12. Beyond The Clouds
13. Never Too Late [Bonus Track]


  1. I wish more people would give post-Perry Journey a chance. It’s not fair to just write it off as “not the TRUE Journey.” What are they supposed to do, give up, pack up and go home and become chartered accountants instead or something? At least they’re still around in some form. But Steve Perry isn’t so who cares? It’s not like they’re real people or anything.

    Then again I’m probably a fan of Journey first and Steve Perry second. And though it’s attached to a horribly painful memory, Higher Place with Steve Agueri is one of the very first Journey songs I ever heard when I discovered them on Youtube. I didn’t know or care about who their lead singer was back then.

    Just ’cause a painting’s not painted by Da Vinci, doesn’t mean it’s a piece of crap, does it??

  2. Stopped listening to journey after trial by fire shite. This is amazing. best rock I’ve heard in ages.Every track a winner even the romantic shite. Journey at there best . I am gonna search out this red 13 thing. I got a fake copy of generations and thought it was an oder Steve Perry. He’s amazing who ever he is.

  3. Augeri was excellent and took ALL the Perry Lovers’ hate…the character this guy has is never appreciated or understood. He took the helm of one of the most beloved and adored rock singers ever! This is undisputed…search any Journey video without Perry singing and the first three comments are how Perry was the best and can never be replaced, etc. Augeri paved the way for Arnel (and Arnel in humble to respect this). Schon is a work horse and singing in this band is a vocalist nightmare if they tour at length. This is what killed Perry’s pipes and Augeri had the same issue. They needed to work with Ken Tamplin to endure touring.

  4. Journey is now a real rock band. The way arnel moves on stage is freaking awesome. If you haven’t seen them live? Please do so. You won’t be disappointed.


  6. i wish they would have giving Dean more songs to sing on this album his voice is incredible. Unfortunate to hear what happened to him hope he gets well soon and starts playing and singing again

  7. Should have killed it after “Raised on Radio,” which was, in my opinion, their last great album. Like Boston, Foreigner and Kansas, Journey faded into obscurity rather quickly. At least this album is average garbage in the music industry, that holds more originality than something like… Say… Icarus II from Kansas.

  8. Really enjoy the variety of all 5 members’ voices.  Especially Mr. Castronovo – very nice vocals!  Underrated album, some very fine moments of music.  Should be judged on its own merits, not the past.

  9. Steve perry made journey he is a good singer Steve perry is a better singer then that Japanese or whatever he might be he running Journey down to the ground

  10. I’m sitting here doing work but I believe I have just listened to “Butterfly (She Flies Alone)” at least 10 consecutive times now. Wow. This album is an unearthed gem for those of us who thought Journey couldn’t live up to the Perry era.

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