Journey – Faithfully lyrics

Lyrics for Faithfully by Journey.

Edit: 8/21/13- Not sure if anybody cares to hear this, but it’s been over 4 years since I uploaded this video and I am AMAZED at how many people, as one viewer put it, will watch a horribly-made video because they love the music it represents.

I know these views aren’t for me as the minion who uploaded, but how many people can say they have a video on Youtube that has been viewed almost 5.5 million times!

From the bottom of my Journey-loving heart, thank you for watching!!


  1. I found about this song when I heard it was the first song Brendon and Sarah Urie danced to ❤ I’m ashamed I hadn’t listened to it earlier, but thanks anyway Uries.❤ I’m yours faithfully ❤

  2. Timeless absolutely timeless, this is what you call music, it has feeling, heart, soul not this empty music nowadays, can we get back to this please!!!!

  3. the best voice in rock period, hands down, no equal. born in my home town hanford ca. raise in town 4 miles away lemoore ca. i work with a guy who was in his band in high school the sullys. don white

  4. Please I really want to see u. Just tell me when u want to come over, & I’ll take a day off to spend the day with u.

  5. This message goes for all those who ain’t had luck with love but keep on fighting faithfully and hopefully for get it someday

  6. this was one of the songs I used to hear on the radio sometimes on 100.7 WHUD at night. I was only 7 at the time. You could say i was raised by a family of musicians

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