IQ Test | 10 Most Popular Tricky Questions

Top 10 Tricky yet Funny Questions ever asked on the Internet
Can you have skill to solve them all & get 10/10 !

Answer all the questions before the timer ends – also make sure to count up how many questions you answer correctly!
Pausing is Optional, quiz is for all ages from kids to adults

These are tricky questions you can also call it riddles, riddles are fun way to kill time, this riddles are most popular

If you have some doubt about Q&A you are free to ask me into comments…


Answers (in detail)-
1) 41 or 35 – both are correct
It has two possible solutions, if you answered 35 or 41 you are right in both way. The answer 41 is also a one possible solution but 41 is shown in video so that your mind will awake for next 9 questions to answer correctly and with a deep thought on it ( A psychological reason which is necessary to be played with your mind ☺ )

2) Ever heard of gravity? She kicked it up.
80% users may think that she kicked it ahead

3) B is the daughter
Many users confuses as son father relation

4) No time at all it is already built
Eight men already built that wall in ten hours

5) The 4 you took
because you take away 4 remember!

6) The match
Some of you trying to find out in between those 3 which you light first wheras before the lightning match occurs first

7) The two were married
Others are single, none in relationship except two were married

8) 12, fish don’t drown!
You are that intelligent to so i think description not required for that answer

9) Stop imagining!
At first i said ‘Imagine’ so just stop imagine

10) Once
Next time you would be subtracting 10 from 90

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