Countdown – Top 10 Zombie Games

The AH crew cover the top ten zombie games.

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  1. “The Last Of Us” isn’t really a zombie game. People infected in the game don’t really reanimate after death, therefore they’re not zombies. As much as I love the game, it doesn’t belong on this list. “Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare” probably belongs on the list even though it’s DLC, but not “The Last Of Us”. But hey, it’s better to see it on this list than the “Call Of Duty” zombies mode. That crap just keeps getting worse by each new installment.

  2. How did DayZ, the mod or the actual game, not make this list? Easily top 5 material (though admittedly the other players are scarier than the zombies).

  3. Honestly, i’m surprised COD Zombies didn’t make it, not particularly a fan of the series but the zombies, especially on World  at War was really fun.

  4. None of these zombie games deserve truly to be in the top 10. They’re in the top 10 because they’re too popular and overhyped. 

    True zombie games are like Resident Evil, survival horror, Dead State, turned based survival horror,
    Project Zomboid, and stuff like that. Those are true zombie horror games. Except Left 4 Dead, it’s also a horror survival game

  5. This video was so horribly made the fuckers talking about the games didn’t even know what the fuck was happening half the time. Shit video.

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