College Football Top 10 Quarterbacks 2017-2018 Season


  1. Its easy to have great stats as a QB when most of these teams just throw the ball and have no running game. Stats are overrated. Its like a running back. If you get 30 carries for 200 yards its not that great. Yes 200 yards is amazing but you had 30 carries to do it. A good QB is one that has the arm the accuracy, if he has running ability. Not really running ability but can scramble fast enough to get out of the pocket or just for a first down. If a QB throws the ball 15 times for 200 yards or more and completes over a 50 percent of them passes thats a great day. But if a QB throws 40 times like some teams do and the QB get 300 yards its not that great. The yards are but you had that many tries to do so.

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