Brilliant Movies Of 2017 You Totally Missed

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Movies: they’re everywhere. With multiple new releases coming out every single day, there’s just no way anybody has the time or money to see all of them. Which is too bad, because it means that a lot of really good films go completely under the radar. Heck, you may not have even heard of some of the best films of the year! Don’t worry, though, because we’ve got your back. Here’s a look at some of the brilliant movies of 2017 you totally missed…

Prevenge | 0:24
Chuck | 1:22
The Lost City of Z | 2:05
The Transfiguration | 2:42
The Devil’s Candy | 3:17
T2 Trainspotting | 3:38
I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore | 4:16
Dig Two Graves | 4:57
Colossal | 6:07
Raw | 7:15
Land of Mine | 8:26
The Salesman | 9:28

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  1. Raw’s French title is pronounced “Grahv”, not “Greiv”, but yeah… It’s probably the best film I’ll never watch again. X)

  2. raw was frikkin amaaaazing! dude i absolutely haaaaaate foreign movies usually but french horror is SO frikkin worth it you guys have no idea

  3. If one recommends Colossal movie with his conscious mind and not intoxicated or something, then that one should be avoided, entirely, while giving recommendations.

  4. I’m really upset, I though this list would have an enjoy surprise, so I took the time for watching one of these movies and I chose The devil’s candy. I must say it could be the Worts horror movie i’ve ever seen in many years, the villian is pretty ridicule and the plot is completely nonsense. ¡what a piece of shit! I don’t really understand Who the hell on earth can say this boring and stupid movie is brilliant. Thanks for helping me to waste my time with the devil’s candy. I had a stomachache.

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