Brad Simons’ Top 10 Games of All Time

It’s finally here! While Brad takes a brief hiatus to learn how to be a dad, he leaves you with his crowning list of his top 10 favorite games of all time!

Credit for the intro music goes to Chris “Vertex Guy” Kline for his tribute to the opening theme to UN Squadron. You can listen to more of his work here:

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  1. Great list! My top 10 would have to be:
    1. Paper Mario TTYD
    2. Star Fox Adventures
    3. FZero GX
    4. Earthbound
    5. Spyro 2
    6. Twilight Princess
    7. Undertale
    8. Advance Wars Days of Ruin
    9. Super Mario Galaxy
    10. Metal Gear Solid 2

  2. Awesome list, Brad. Currently, my top 10 are:

    1. Chrono Trigger
    2. Final Fantasy Tactics
    3. World of Warcraft
    4. Final Fantasy 7
    5. StarCraft
    6. Warcraft 3
    7. Portal 2
    8. Mario 3
    9. Deus Ex (original)
    10. Sim City (SNES)

  3. Chaos Mud for the win! Mud is still up and running. One of your fans stopped by to check it out and told me about this video, so I had to check it out! I think it’s great to name a text based MMO in a Top X list. I too would name Chaos Mud in a top games list. Great video!

  4. I don’t think I could ever make a top 10 of all time… :X Nice list though, there’s a lot of good video games out there when you think about it. I wonder where Advance Wars would be on Brad’s list.

  5. #10 Chaos Mud – @ 0:00
    #9 Tekken Tag Tournament – @ 8:16
    #8 Diablo 2 – @ 16:05
    #7 Resident Evil 4 – @ 25:04
    #6 Suikoden – @ 30:07
    #5 Metal Gear Solid 1 – @ 39:03
    #4 Final Fantasy 6 – @ 45:30
    #3 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – @ 51:48
    #2 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – @ 59:09
    #1 Final Fantasy Tactics – @ 1:05:05

  6. Thanks for the video, really enjoyed it, can’t wait for the rest of these vids.
    Great list Brad, I still need to play a good # of these games. Surprised to see no Morrowind in your top 10! >:O

  7. Nice list Brad! Maybe a suggestion for next time, could you put a timetable in the description where you start talking about a different game in the list? Since the video is so long, it might help people navigate through different games if they rather skip or maybe go back to a specific point in the video.

  8. I liked a few of these on his list, for me my top 10 in no particular order are.

    1.Ape Escape
    2.The World Ends With You
    3. Stella Glow
    4. Nier: Automata
    5. Sonic Mania
    6. Danganronpa 2
    7. JAK 2
    8. Spyro the Dragon
    9. Persona 4
    10. Guilty Gear Revalator

  9. Really like this list since it had a couple of surprises.

    Here is my top ten:
    10. Ape escape
    9. Pokemon Red
    8. Gears of War
    7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    6. World of Warcraft
    5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    4. Silent Hill
    3. Shadow of the Colossus
    2. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner
    1. Final Fantasy X

  10. I suuure didn’t expect that number 1 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

    Brad’s right though, it does so much so well that it’s hard to ignore how much of a complete package that game is. Combat that’s in-depth but has that damage immediacy to it that games like TO:LUCT lack. Plot that’s more serious than the last six or so Final Fantasy games. Packed to the brim with content and easy as shit to break mechanically which just adds to the charm. Iconic soundtrack. Even the artstyle is a 10/10 which means that the game virtually doesn’t age. It will still look really good ten years from now on.

    This game, and something like Front Mission 3 are from a different age, which is weird considering how easy they seem to replicate. Probably wouldn’t be part of my top 10 but it sure as shit deserves a spot there.

  11. I really like the format of this video, like talking to others about your favorite games! It’s way to hard to pick my own top 10 though haha a metal gear and a zelda would def be on there !

  12. You were right about #10 being a surprise.

    Spur of the Moment Top 10:
    10. Spelunky
    9. Super Meat Boy
    8. XCOM
    7. Chu Chu Rocket
    6. Pikmin 2
    5. Super Mario World
    4. Super Metroid
    3. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
    2. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    1. Chrono Trigger

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