Bourbon 101 – Plus the Best Selling Bourbons Flight Fight!


  1. New to bourbon here. If you are distilling the ethanol two times, is there really anything left of what was fermented to taste? Why does it matter what is used for fermentation when you are getting the same thing out of all of it? Are there some residual things left in the alcohol after the distilling?

  2. A Rod…ain’t it great? if you check out a few more you’ll be hooked on these guys. and she not to bad on the eyes either.

  3. newbie bourbon drinker here an this video makss me feel like i went to bourbon college thanks for all the great info guys

  4. I just discovered your channel and really enjoy your videos. You both have great chemistry together. One question I have about this video is that you mention that they add DISTILLED WATER to proof bourbon down. Is this correct or are they using the same mineral waters they use to initially creat the mash for their bourbons? Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to catching up on all your videos.

  5. Great videos, fun to watch and educational! Maybe you have done this already but how about on of these ideas:
    3 Bourbons you should have at home.
    Best bourbons for special occasion that won’t break the bank
    3 most over priced bourbons
    I got 50 bucks, what should I buy

  6. Instead of bottom shelf, I tend to call them everyday bourbons. The shows are awesome yall! Keep them coming #nobangs

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