Best Movies on Netflix Right Now – Oldboy, The Invitation, and More

Looking for a movie to watch on Netflix? We have you covered with a curated selection of the best movies on Netflix right now. From comedy to sci-fi to drama, we guarantee we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy, and we’ll explain to you exactly what makes these movies worth checking out. Moreover, each week we’ll highlight new movies coming to Netflix as well as those films that will be departing the streaming service in the month to come, so you can plan your viewing habits accordingly.

This episode is fully up to date as of August 11, 2017, and we’ve got four great movies to recommend along with a couple of new releases coming to Netflix in August ranging from Punch-Drunk Love to 21. The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now is your one-stop shop for planning your Netflix evening—each week we’ll recommend new movies, give you our reasoning for why they’re worth checking out, and tell you what movies are new to Netflix that month. We guarantee there’s something for everyone here.

Be sure to check back each week for a brand new episode of the Best Movies on Netflix Right Now.

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  1. I come here every week for halleta… the Netflix recommendations are a bonus.. imma have to check for the invitation

  2. People need to talk about Korean cinema more. They have been in their golden age for like 20 years and still growing.

  3. Have you mentioned The Transfiguration yet? I saw it was on Netflix this morning and honestly my favorite film of this/last year

  4. Ah, I think I’m in love with her! Every week I just watch these videos to have that infectious smile and bubbly personality brighten up my day.

  5. “Oldboy” is one the best movies ever made. An absolute masterpiece.
    “Punch,Drunk,Love” is the best movie with Adam Sandler by far, it is really good. But what else would you expect from the Genius who did “Boogie Nights” and “There will be Blood”.

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