Best Low Cost Juicer for People on a Budget

John from compares two low cost wide mouth centrifugal ejection juicers so you can discover which one may be the best for your needs if your on a budget.

In this episode, John will first explain the differences between the Kuissential Wide Mouth Juicer and the Similiar L’equip 215XL juicer. You will discover the main benefit of a high speed juicer and why many people purchase them. You will also discover why John never uses a high speed juicer and instead prefers to use a slow juicer instead of a high speed juicer as shown in this episode.

Next, John will juice an equal amount of carrots and an asian pear in each of the juicers to show you which juicer will yield more juice as well as which juicer generated more pulp and foam.

After watching this episode, you will discover the best low cost juicer for people on a budget.

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  1. Hi, John. Thanks for all the great informative videos. Much appreciated. I have a question. After watching your videos, im inclined to buy the Omega VSJ. Should i buy it now or should i wait for Kuvings new product? The CS600? Green Juice quality and yield are important to me as well as carrots, apples, lemons, ginger and cucumbers. Thanks.

  2. I bought a L’Equip mini a bunch of years ago from you, that I used traveling for business in a gym bag in my hotel rooms in different cities. A superb little juicer, I gave it away a few years ago to a friend, and it still works like new. Thanks, John!

  3. I had a Jack LaLane juicer then I purchased the Lequip from you after watching your educational videos. I then purchased the Slowstar and love it. Thank you!

  4. Hi John,
    great video I will be buying that l’equip juicer. But I have a question on a shower filter. What shower filter do you recommend that will filter out every chemical, toxin if possible? I don’t want to have to buy a lot of different products and put them together myself. I would like something that I can just buy and hook up to the shower. I have one of those fancy showers with the long hose. It seems to have a filter already attached at the bottom but that has been in there for years since I’ve moved in. it’s one that I can take it out and put in a new one. I like the ones that you can attach at the top. If you would please let me know of a good one. I’ve seen a lot but some of them are not certified. I’ve heard the KDf models are not good.

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