Best Anime Moments 3: Is This A Zombie? – Haruna’s Beatdown

Anime: Is This A Zombie? / Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
Season 1, Episode 8


  1. So you basically beat the dog crap out of him, just because he didn’t kiss you and he’s already in a relationship. BOI!!! DA DOOR.

  2. This girl beat up a guy…
    …For not wanting to kiss her…
    Well. it would NOT be funny if their genders were reversed!

  3. A zombie being who fights beasts much bigger than him and skilled fighting monsters yet can’t defend himself from a little girls punches with his hands ( which he should really use to protect his head because I think like most zombies if Aumuyu’s brain is damaged or destroyed he no longer lives because he can’t feel pain or if his binges get shattered he dies for good ( if he can live without his brain) due to the fact that the zombies body being capable of taking damage and moving on his head is the only part the body which wipes the zombies life completely) that’s hilarious Lol.

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