Best 80’s Love Songs

The greatest love songs from the 80s always alive in music history. Rate and comment if you like it or not. Watch also my other music videos:
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  1. Faltaron “Little Respect” – Erasure
    “Brilliant Disguise” – Bruce Springsteen
    “I’ll be there for you” – Bon Jovi
    “Angel” – Aerosmith
    Y un montón más, pero aún así, LIKE

  2. To everyone saying that The Cure song in the beginning is “Lovesong”; shut up. It is most definitely “Just Like Heaven” lol

  3. A lot of criticism towards this uploader who God forbid happened to upload what HE/SHE thinks are the best love songs. So he/she put some songs from the 90’s who cares.

  4. Do you know? I’m looking for an eighty-romantic theme (a slow one) whose melody is similar to the well-known theme of Crowded House (Don’t dream it’s over), but they are other musicians. It starts with a few seconds of piano (one minute of pure piano), then the soloist begins to sing. And the song says in its chorus something approximate to this “It’s my life! Wrinight uuuh juuuu “(and repeats the same phrase)” It’s my life … .. “, and the chorus is like a slight and soft chant. Is it true? PS: I am Chilean.

  5. ¿saben? Busco un tema ochentero y romántico (un lento) cuya melodía es parecida al conocido tema de Crowded House (Don´t dream it´s over), pero son otros musicos. Se parte con unos pocos segundos de piano (un minuto de puro piano), luego el solista empieza a cantar. Y la canción diga -en su coro- algo aproximado a esto “It´s my life! wrinight uuuh juuuu” (y repite la misma frase) “It´s my life…..”, y el coro es como un gritito leve y suave. Se entiende verdad?

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