BCG’s Top 10 WORST Films of 2015


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  1. 10. Max
    9. The Boy Next Door
    8. Point Break
    7. The Gallows
    6. Sinister 2
    5. Vacation
    4. Pan
    3. Hot Pursuit
    2. Fan4stic
    1. Fifty Shades Of Grey

  2. 2015 was a great year for movies but there was still some shit so here’s my top 7
    #7 Home
    #6 United Passions
    #5 The Boy Next Door
    #4 Fant4Stic
    #3 The Peanuts Movie
    #2 50 Shades Of Grey
    #1…….Sinister 2

  3. Did you know that the worst films I’ve seen in 2015 actually ranged from just average at #10 to the worst film I’ve ever seen at #1.

  4. Mortdecai: Haven’t Seen
    Terminator Genisys: Meh
    Hitman 47: Haven’t Seen
    Taken 3: Haven’t Seen
    Transporter Refueled: Haven’t Seen
    Unfinished business: Haven’t Seen
    San Andreas: Meh
    Pan: Bullshit!!!
    F*cktastic Four: F**k this F Movie
    The Gallows: Worst film I’ve seen in 2015!

  5. My Top 10 WORST Films of 2015
    10. Daddy’s Home
    9. Minions
    8. Terminator Genisys
    7. San Andreas
    6. Pixels
    5. Paul Blart Mall Cop 2
    4. Strange Magic
    3. F**ktastic Four
    2. Pan
    1.The Gallows

  6. my list:
    10.Jupiter ascending
    6.paranormal activity da ghast dimensioso
    5.sinister 2
    2.da gewd dinosaur(need I say less)
    1.hotel Transylvania 2

  7. Fucktastic Four? i would think on better insults like
    Shittactic Four
    Fantastic Fuck
    Forgettable Fail
    Fucked Up Four
    3 Assholes 1 Bitch

  8. yes thank you for god sake someone with a top ten of worst films in 2015 that actually has the worst fucking film ever. pan!!!!!!! that film totally deserves to be on this list my god it is absolute bullshit. thank you black critic guy for cursing that piece of shit to hell.

  9. I’ll admit I hated Pan too. I’ve alway enjoyed Peter Pan and it’s one of my favorite stories of all time. But…this movie…just sucks.

  10. Terminator Genisys wasn’t that bad, it was still better than Terminator Salvation and Rise of the Machines.

  11. My 10:
    10. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Same old song and dance…)
    9. The Gunman (Zzz…)
    8. Taken 3 (“It Ends Here.” Yeah, I hope so.)
    7. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip (CAN WE PLEASE JUST KILL OFF THIS FRANCHISE ALREADY?!)
    6. The Gallows (Not as bad as Tony says, but still pretty bad.)
    5. Hot Pursuit (Terrible chemistry = Terrible comedy.)
    4. Pixels (Is it cheating to put an Adam Sandler film?)
    3. Point Break (Did anybody really ask for a remake? Also, zzz…)
    2. Fifty Shades of Grey (It’s like reading a 15 year old’s Wattpad fanfiction. Oh wait…)
    1. Fantastic Four (One of the worst superhero films EVER.)

  12. *Mordecai*
    Yeah that sucked

    *Terminator Genisys*
    Actually I enjoyed it a lot.
    But I can understand why people didn’t like it

    Just a disaster

    *San Andreas*
    Eh. I thought it was okay

    *Unfinished Business*
    Hit me right in the Cringe

    *Fantastic Four*
    I understand why people hated it, but I liked it even though it was pretty Damn Boring

    *The Gallows*
    When I saw the trailers, I got invested, but when I saw the movie, I just wanted to walk up to the counter and demand my money back

  13. top 10 WORST Films of 2015 was
    10. the visit… god that film sucked 9. norm of the north… my fucking bleach commited suicide and I needed it 8. fantastic 4… that film was so bad ._.7.taken 3… they should have stopped after the first one 6. terminator genesis 5. paranormal activity the ghost dimensions4. alvin and the chipmunks the rode trip -_- 3. Jupiter ascending 2. ted 21. fifty shades of shit -_-

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