5 Disney Movies that Were Almost Completely Different

All of your favorite Disney movies started way different than they wound up.

Zootopia, Lion King, Toy Story, Aladdin, and Lilo and Stitch all started as immensely different movies. This early versions were corrected, altered, and sometimes censored to become the theatrical versions that we all know and love today.

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  1. If you want an Aladdin that follows the original story closely, check out Toei Animation’s Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (Arajin to Mahō no Ranpu). I think it’s decent!

  2. Why is the genie the moon? Well, this is a really obscure reference to the adventures of Baron Munchausen, where Robin Williams played a floating head who was the king of the moon on the moon.

  3. I sort of feel bad for those people came up with those creative ideas at Disney that were too dark. They all this imagination but because it’s “Disney” it’s too dark. Must suck.

  4. For the Lilo experiencing racism bit I’m surprised you didn’t show the part where tourists go “Look honey! A real life native!” before taking a picture of her…. just going about her business. It really puts all the pictures she takes of tourists into perspective.

  5. Thank you for the zootopia one! I could have sworn I’d seen shit with those exact collars, yet when I actually watched the movie I was confused to see them missing. I thought it was false memory/Mandela effect or some shit.

    Good to know it was just that I’d probably seen it from the concept art blogs I follow.

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