5 BRILLIANT Fight Scenes in Anime

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Today I made a video about anime fights that hopefully is not edgy or cheap. Don’t trust me on that. Includes 90% more Linkin Park!

Edited By: Bakashift
Additional Research By: Ninouh

Check out his video on further information on anime fights:

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  1. the thing most anime lack is reality if you go in all db style your going to get your ass beat holding a guard is a stupid idea if you go in PUNCHJITSU! your going to get your ass beat 2 xddddd

  2. I feel like Bakugo vs Izuku will eventually top the Naruto and Sasuke fight in terms of opposing ideals. depends where they go with the story tho

  3. Just gotta say loved this vid also gotta say how many ppl gained a love of anime from Naruto bc I was ten when it hit America and I’ve been an anime nut ever since!!!!

  4. Mother Fucking Spoilers bitch! its taken me 8 years to watch Naruto Shippuden, and I can proudly say…

    I’m on episode 128.

  5. Oh man. The saber lancer battle is beautiful every time I see it. It’s the bromance that breaks my heart.

  6. you know a lot of the time I fucking hate anime based channels either that or watch mojo is spamming the fucking trending tab like the sewage drinking shit monkeys they are, but this channel has a breath of fresh air. You earned a subscrooble.

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