10 Richest People Who Now Work Normal Jobs

top 10 celebrities who have everyday jobs
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  1. I would say “rich” people that work normal jobs not richest because I grew up in this era and jive never heard of most of these people get your captions straight

  2. Is it Vanalia Ice? Don’t know, do not care. What I do find impressive is that this guy will probably make more money as a master carpenter than all his rap friends. I have watched his programs, but that boy learned a whole lot living with the bun heads. At first, I thought he was disrespectful. He finally put his pride in his back pocket & chose to learn. Education by life experience is a rare thing now a days. I still fund this guy abrasive, but he did humble himself to learn & grow into a man. I still hate the tats. A tat is an expression one’s mouth can not articulate. A tat shows shallowness of character. Nuff Said.

  3. Ironically Danny Lloyd probably got the best deal in child acting you could get. He starred in an iconic movie that was so fucked up that he left child acting and now holds down a perfectly respectable and well paying job, he missed the coke snorting pedophiles, tabloids, and ridiculous societal expectations and is probably doing better than most child actors out there.

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