10 Richest People In The World 2016

From Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to super investor Warren Buffett we take a curious peek at the 10 richest people in the World 2016. http://bit.ly/Channel_Subscribe
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  1. There was some one from 1867 to 1916 who was the richest woman/person in the world her name was Hetty Green she lives in the same state as me VERMONT because she would not spend her money

  2. Dude you’re way off. What about the hegemonic banking families like Rothschild and Rocketfeller,who have hundreds of billions,if not trillions of dollars worth ?
    What you show us here,are a few little pawns who have some money,and chose to be known. The true rich people stay hidden,and control the planet.
     To them, Suckenberg or Gates are little liutenants of their own liutenants haha

  3. its a shame even to think about the.fact that 90% of all the money is in the hands of a 100 lucky ass bastard and rest got like nothing its so unfair i mean the “worked” for it but the rest work even harder and got nothing . and yes i am salty maybe and yes i been poor in my life so far and that dosnt gonna change. but it is only my point of view so start hate me

  4. If you are summing two brother’s wealth and putting that in the list, then why not include all the WalMart siblings and put them as one? Same with Ambani brothers. There is Mukesh and there is Anil, both are multi-billionaires.

  5. hello guys if I have 75 billion dollars half I the poor countries and poor people and help Hungry people’s and help kids all around the world

  6. this list is wrong carlos slim is the richest with 80 billion usd and there are arabs in dubai who need to be on this list

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