10 Rich Athletes Who Now Work Normal Jobs!

top 10 talented former sports athletes and superstars who now work regular jobs
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Playing professional sports is an arduous task for anyone. Some players decide to move on to have a more dynamic job, that doesn’t involve weekly doctor check ups. Also, some guys just decide to work after retirement from professional sports.
The thing is, sports isn’t a job that lasts you your whole life. Football has players who retire around 35-40 years old. After retirement, they can sit on the boatload of money they made as players, or do something productive with their lives. Whether it be something low-key or in the entertainment field these jobs continue to pay the bills, while some athletes live out the rest of their lives purposeless.

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  1. The title is misleading. I thought this was going to be people who are all still very wealthy but have chosen to do a normal job for fun or to keep themselves grounded or to try to lead a normal life.

  2. I hate when assholes like this go and take regular jobs from people trying to get them when these fucks have millions in the bank

  3. the video is interesting.. but why the cheap shots? just report the stories .. stop the bullshit .. the same guys your dissing, you once loved ..

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