10 Highest Paying Jobs

From Anesthesiologists to CEOs we bring you the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs


  1. Actually surgeons tend to make more than 400 thousand annually if u r not well studied then u might be making around 200 like he said

  2. So how come my friends mom is an airline pilot who (keep in mind) flys to NORTHERN Canada from southern Canada almost 5 times every month, you’d think they’d be rich right?

    No, there not fucking rich

  3. What do pilots get paid > 100k to do? Autopilot takes care of the flying, they can take off if lined up and can do the landing depending if local rules allow it.

  4. Just saying petroleum engineers a lot more I’d say from experience up to £300 000 a year in the UK about $450 000

  5. I know a radiologist that makes 600,000 a year right out of school… and the average pay is about 300,000 in the US how are they not on the list)

  6. calling a first officer a “Co pilot” is extremely disrespectful also most major airlines will have layovers witch let you stay in a place a pilot also (if they have a plane or rent one ) you can fly in that also major airlines pay you even when your doing paper work cause that’s tectiniclly still working to them

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