10 Brutal Horror Movie Death Scenes

This is a collection of some of the most brutal death scenes in horror movies. This isn’t meant to be a definitive top 10 collection or anything like that. Instead, I tried to mix it up; adding scenes from both older and newer films. I hope you enjoy.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the death scenes we’ve included in the video:

Death Proof

We’ve included one of the most brutal car crash scenes that have ever been caught on film.


Deadly Friend

Next, we include a death scene from Wes Craven’s film, Deadly Friend. This is the scene where the old, mean lady is killed by a basketball being thrown at her head. Yes, seriously.


City Of The Living Dead

We have a scene from Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead in which a girl literally pukes her guts up.



The infamous scene from the cult classic David Cronenberg film in which a man’s head explodes.


A Nightmare On Elm Street

We’ve included a scene from Wes Craven’s classic slasher film which set the record for most blood ever used in a film. It’s the scene in which Johnny Depp’s character, Glen, is pulled into his bed by Freddy Krueger. After that, the room begins to flood with blood.



In this scene, we see Tom Savini sitting in the front seat of a car when a Maniac armed with a shotgun jumps up on the head and kills the man with a shotgun blast to the head.


The Green Inferno

An epic scene of cannibalism in which a poor man gets his tongue cut out before being eviscerated.


Dead Alive

Known for being one of the goriest scenes ever put to film. This is a scene in which a man clears an entire room of zombies with a lawnmower.


Piranha 3D

Beach and partygoes get torn to shreds by killer fish swimming in the water.


The Final Destination

These films are known for their sheer brutality and that’s exactly what happens when cars begin to wreck at a Nascar event.


  1. You know.. the more I realize. The more CGI scenes that came up, the more disappointed I became. Cinema was better when we used real products and not graphics.

  2. I’m so glad IT released and has done well. It’ll give lazy horror writers a chance to focus more on story and horror, rather than tits, blood guts and gore.

  3. I’m really disappointed. Not in your compilation, but the fact that I couldn’t find the death I’m looking for. I don’t remember the movie, but this guy with a shitty beard had his armed hooked up to a generator or something of the sort in a garage, and his arm got absolutely shredded to bits.

  4. Whoa, I don’t remember Glenn coming back out of the bed in Nightmare on Elm Street. Is that a deleted scene? The quality of the film definitely seemed worse as well.

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