10 Biggest Recorded Earthquakes

10 Biggest Recorded Earthquakes

They’ve caused death and destruction across the globe, these are the 10 biggest recorded earthquakes.

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  1. Muy mal informado, terremoto de México 1985 septiembre, intensidad 81 grados 10,000 muertos. Terremoto de San Francisco ca 1906 ,ciudad destruida hasta ahora no se sabe exactamente cuántos murieron ni tampoco la intensidad exacta que tuvo pero se cree que fue 9 y fue más fácil contar los que quedaron vivos que los muertos

  2. magnitude dont do the death toll.
    for tsunami risk, the shape of the coast can have 2x or 3x high wave (like minamisanriku)
    *The depth, and epicenter of earthquake are important, if its distant and deep, that wont shake a lot…
    *The lenght of wave is important, building dont like short wave lenght and horizontal slide..
    *The nature of ground is important, if a fault is under a city, it can be worse, and if a coastal city have a ground fill with water, the lenght of wave can liquefy the ground, and the city can sink in the sea…(kobe, port-au-prince)
    *The skill of architecture is important (avoid brick, stone, or heavy roof, avoid burnable house,…haiti in 2010 claim 100.000death for a 7magnitude….)
    *The developpement of country is important for aftermath, for food, disease, shelter, water etc…
    *The time is important, the night make more casualties. if its very cold that can be worse.

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