10 Best Free to Play games that actually Deserves Money

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10 Best Free to Play games that actually Deserves Money

Hello everyone and welcome to GamingBiceps youtube channel.
As we all know there are a lot of cases when gamer pays 60 bucks for his brand new Game and after playing it for couple minutes he realize that there is something wrong about the game or maybe it doesn’t look as good as on the official videos etc.
Luckily there are a lot of high quality free to play games which you can actually download totally free of charge.
And that’s why i have decided to show you Top 10 free to play games that actualy deserve money but they are totally free .. Enjoy!

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  1. Runescape deserves money?? If you want to whipe your own fucking ass in that game they tell you to play. You cant do shit without a subscription.

  2. Damn I disagree with many games on this list:

    RuneScape locks content behind a subscription wall, and is essentially a big demo as F2P.

    Guild Wars 2 has content locked behind a paywall, and is essentially a big demo as F2P.

    BlackLight’s development on PC has become really slow since the devs rather focus on the console market (Made me sad since I really loved this game).

    I also partly disagree with WarFrame, unless you don’t want to collect all weapons and items you won’t have an issue. But if you want to: Some items have such a ridiculous crafting/research cost, it’s impossible to get them unless you either grind or buy platinum…

  3. warframe may be free to play but just barely. the entire game is designed around grinding for items. this is time consuming and designed to make people want to buy the items instead, however theres nothing else but grinding to play the game for because of the lack of actual story in the game. less than 10 hours of story gameplay

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