10 Amazing Jobs That Pay Six Figures Without a Degree

10 jobs that pay over 100k a year without a University diploma.
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We’re all told going to college gives us the best job prospects, but is that really true? Racking up huge debts along the way isn’t everyone’s idea of sound career advice. If you don’t have a college degree, don’t despair. You can still earn big bucks in a six-figure career. Approach the job market with an open mind and you could find a cool profession with an impressive paycheck.

How cool are we talking? How about diving for golf balls amongst alligators? Or painting the faces of famous actors and actresses? These are just a couple of jobs that bring home big money without the need for a college degree. Even jobs you always thought were pretty lowly can make way more than the average graduate position. You’ll never look at a hot dog vendor in the same way after watching this video.

Whatever your skill, we’ve found a well-paid job for you. Can you get your body into crazy positions? Become a yoga instructor to the stars. Are you a perfect piano player? Twinkle your fingers over to becoming a court reporter. Fancy yourself as strong and hot as hell? Hello fire chief in the making. All these and more in our video right here. Goodbye college applications, hello massive paychecks.

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  1. I’m only 15 right now, but I have extremely fast fingers due to playing piano and taking typing classes, also the fact I’m always on my laptop. I think I have a good start. 😀

  2. Bullshit about real estate agent… you DO need a degree. Learning everything from PROPERTY LAW to the ACT regulating the industry, BUSINESS LAW, learning to handle legal contracts and how to manage a promise to purchase. Communication skills, learning how to use social media and much more. Yes there is a degree to obtain.

  3. Get Certified. It’s affordable. No College or Student loans. All you need is a grade 1 water treatment certification. I can help you get a job making over $100,000 a year with it. You can do it. Best of luck to you. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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